Hi, my name is Jim Timpson and I’m a 59yr old Sales Professional at Wilde Honda here in sunny Sarasota FL.  I exercise every day (mainly swimming) and eat healthy. I’m married for 19 years to a lovely woman Paula and we are blessed with a wonderful 10yr old son . . . in other words, Life’s Good !

As Wilde Honda’s resident “Sales Maverick”, I Specialize in Helping All Veterans, Cops, Firemen/EMTs & Military (and their faithful Families) Save Time & More of their “Hard Earned Savings” on Hondas!

Michael Jordan plays ball.
Steven Spielberg makes movies.
The Sales Maverick  Rocks  Hondas With Heroes. . . Everyone has a talent !

Huh?   you wanna know more?

Okay, here goes… I  admire all our everyday Heroes who put their lives on the line to protect our GREAT AMERICAN way of life!  If you’re one of them, thanks for your service! I’m all in to save you more than you probably deserve ( LoL!) and with my exclusive “Streamlined Car Buying Process” you’ll have more time with your family at the beach or where ever you damn well please !

But with today’s “politically correct” narratives tarnishing our Heroes, I came up with an ingenious idea to enhance and restore their honor! My FREE E-newsletter here at JimSalutesHeroes.com highlights ALL POSITIVE true stories of their bravery, courage & kindness in the face of steep odds.  Subscribe now and see for yourself. It’s 100% Free !

I’m also doing my part to give back directly to our Heroes, with a $20 gift card…
If you’re a hero or  their family, come see me at Wilde Honda for your next car or truck & I’ll reward you with a $20 Sharky’s gift card just for giving me a try. (Yes, you do have to actually be considering getting a vehicle and give me a real opportunity to help you; I’m not The Salvation Army!), but no purchase is required . . . You need to deal with me to qualify so an Appointment is a must. Just call/text me now at (941) 786-6122 to discuss your needs and take advantage. I guarantee the best Car Buying Experience you’ve ever had !

But I know not everyone’s currently a buyer . . . if you’re just “researching”,  I’ve still got you covered. In my  12yrs with Honda, I’ve helped 1000’s of folks. I asked every one of them what’s important to them and I used those insights to create FreeCarBuyingInfo.com  which uses fact-based research leveraging my “Ultimate Auto Researcher” to quickly identify your ideal vehicle (all brands).  In addition, you get real life solutions from an industry insider (Me!) to every car buying problem you could ever encounter:

  • 12.5 Surprising Hacks to Improve Your Credit
  • How to Maximize the Value of your Trade-in
  • 37 Ways to save on Car Insurance (don’t miss sneaky #21!)
  • Should I Lease or Finance My Next Vehicle?
  • Cool fuel saving tips & tricks &  much much more !

Remember, this is breakthrough information that took me personally over 5 years to put together!  It’s not rehashed, watered-down, theoretical, well- meaning, could-ya / would-ya kinda-sorta stuff.  No.  I filled every article on my site with from the field, tested, proven information that WORKS… not five years ago… not last year… but right now… TODAY!

You’re getting ALL the necessary info for huge predictable savings with a lot less of your valuable time wasted… and it’s all FREE, so why wouldn’t you avail yourself of it now? It’s a No Brainer!

 No Matter What Your Need, Call or Text me now at (941) 786-6122 while it’s fresh in your mind. I promise to make this an exciting and fun experience you’ll never forget, like I’ve done for literally thousands of my customers over the years . . .  Cheers !     Jim